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Campaign to draw foster-child mentors opens (PDF)
The Philadelphia Department of Human Services is launching a 60-day campaign tomorrow to attract more mentors for foster-care children and volunteers in the child-welfare system.
Philadelphia Inquirer - 09/21/09
Click here to view photos from the event
Editorial: You can help raise them up (PDF)
Across the country, a half-million vulnerable children languish in foster care - waiting and hoping for a stable home. A new public awareness campaign debuting Tuesday in Philadelphia seeks to improve their situation. This city has more than 5,000 foster-care children under its supervision.
Philadelphia Inquirer - 09/20/09
Don't make foster care kids wait for change (PDF)
In the chaos of state budget negotiations, there's a proposal before legislators right now that doesn't cost taxpayers a dime more, but has the potential to change thousands of vulnerable lives.
Lansdale Reporter - 07/21/09
Advocates fear foster care plan will get lost in budget impasse (PDF)
Child welfare advocates are concerned lawmakers will ignore a state Department of Welfare proposal to shift foster care money and reduce reliance on institutional care during budget negotiations in Harrisburg. This proposal is not supposed to cost more, proponents say.
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - 07/19/09
Foster care: Proposal would spend funds more efficiently (PDF)
Fewer children should be sent to group homes and institutions. Lawmakers are facing many difficult decisions as they work on the state budget. Here's one that is not...
Harrisburg Patriot-News - 07/17/09
Legislature shouldn't play budgetary waiting game with foster kids' lives (PDF)
Over the course of our lives we wait for lots of things: wait to see a doctor, wait in check-out lines, wait in traffic; some state employees may even have to wait to get paid during this budget stalemate. But the nearly 20,000 children in Pennsylvania's foster care system -- placed due to abuse or neglect -- should not have to wait one more day for us to make life better for them.
- Allentown Morning Call - 07/16/09
Editorial Support of foster-care amendment urged (PDF)
The continued wrangling in Harrisburg over the annual, seemingly futile, attempt to pass a timely budget has led to a flow of letters and pleas from supporters of programs in danger of losing cost-of-living increases or, at worst, facing budget cuts.
The Delaware County Daily Times - 07/15/09
Easy, smart way to boost foster care (PDF)
State lawmakers face some of the toughest choices they will encounter in their careers as they wrestle with an overdue budget amid a stubbornly weak economy.
- Scranton Times- 07/06/09
State should act now to reform child welfare financing
NEARLY 20,000 children live in the foster care system in Pennsylvania on any given day because they have been abused or neglected.
- Times Leader - 07/06/09
Finding a permanent home for our state’s 'lost' kids - Commentary Max Baer (PDF)
Most children are "dependent" on their parents for what they need and receive, which is unequivocal love and nurturing as well as all of life’s physical necessities.
- Times Leader - 07/06/09
Family Finding locates kin of kids in foster care (PDF)
Kevin Campbell, of Seattle, Wash., stood in front of an audience in Venango County earlier this year, talking with a 16-year-old girl about her past. The girl had been in foster care for 10 years, with no relatives to claim...
- POST-GAZ. ( 65863/56505 )
Extending foster care: Teens should have a choice to stay in system (PDF)
At this time of year, when 18-year-olds are focused on their post-high school plans, most can count on families to help them make the transition to college, the military or a job...
Harrisburg Patriot-News – May 27, 2009
Delco agencies discuss communities and foster care (PDF)
April 28, 2009 | The Delaware County Daily Times
Jessica Freeman wanted something different for her children. A product of the foster-care system since she was 3 months old, the now-19-year-old wanted her children to be free of the abuse she experienced...
Tough future for teens 'aging out' of foster care (PDF)
April 26, 2009 | Harrisburg Patriot-News
For most teen-agers, 18 is a magical year. High school graduation, voting, first full-time jobs, college. New freedoms...