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Through the eyes of a former foster child (PDF)
I was born in Haiti, though my parents moved us to the United States when I was just a child. But shortly after we arrived in Virginia, my dad left, and my mom and sister and I had to find temporary housing in a women's shelter...
Lancaster Sunday News – June 7, 2009
Foster child's journey: 'I just wanted to be a regular kid' (PDF)
I just wanted to be a normal kid. But foster children never feel normal. We always feel as if other kids know our histories, what ugly events led to our being pulled from our homes. In my case, I’ve felt different my whole life...
Hazleton Standard-Speaker – June 4, 2009
Sunday Forum: Every kid needs a family (PDF)
STACY JOHNSON wants the foster care system to help every child, teenager and young adult find a permanent home...
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – June 1, 2009
Foster care was a rescue (PDF)
Most of the 20,000 children and youth who end up in Pennsylvania's foster care system do so without choice...
Gettysburg Times – May 22, 2009
Every Child Deserves a Forever Family (PDF)
I was 14 when I left my home. I wanted to leave, but then again I didn’t. But I knew it was for the better if I did...
Delaware County Times – May 16, 2009
The woman I call mom (PDF)
When I was just 2 years old my brother and I were taken from our alcoholic birth mother. I was told that we were covered with cuts, burns and bruises, but I was too young to remember. I never met my birth father...
Uniontown Herald Standard – May 3, 2009
A foster child remembers
I was one of 3-month-old triplets when I was taken from my mother and placed in the foster-care system here in Philadelphia. My mom was addicted to crack and couldn't take care of us...
Philadelphia Inquirer – May 15, 2009
iTHINK: After growing up in foster care, college poses ongoing challenges (PDF)
My spring semester is over and I'm not sure where I'll be for the summer because I don't have a permanent home. That is unlike many of my college friends who have lots of family support, but it's what happens when you're like me, a young adult who grew up in the foster care system...
Allentown Morning Call – May 8, 2009
Foster care making a difference (PDF)
Unlike many other kids in foster care, my siblings and I entered the system because my mother battled mental illness. This was very scary to us. Because of her illness she was never really able to take care of me or my four siblings. When my mother...
Scranton Times – May 2009
Stable Home Important to Kids (PDF)
I was just 11 years old when my mom died. It was hard on my dad and my sister but it seemed so much more intense for me...
Carlisle Sentinel – April 26, 2009
Every child deserves a family (PDF)
When I was 3 years old my mom died and my dad had a really hard time handling it. Then his brother died and I guess the anger was too much for him...
Centre Daily Times – April 29, 2009
Former foster care child seeks reforms to system - Midstate ...
Apr 26, 2009 ... Amanda Olson. My mother was in and out of jail for as long as I can remember ... Amanda Olson, resides in Harrisburg and is engaged in the Porch Light...
Harrisburg Patriot-News – April 26, 2009
Siblings should stay together when placed in foster care COMMENTARY Priscilla Bloom (PDF)
THERE CAME a point in my life when my mom just couldn’t take care of us anymore and provide the parenting that my brother and I needed. So when I was 14 and my brother was 12 we were taken from our mother. Because it was considered an emergency placement, we were whisked from our home with...
Wilkes-Barre Times Leader – April 24, 2009